It's time for government to generate electricity not confusion

January 2023 — 2605 views


Moving SOEs from Public Enterprises will fast-track their demise

January 2023 — 1044 views


Eskom price increase is a challenge for South Africans and Eskom

January 2023 — 1338 views


More confusion over the scrapping of e-tolls and the settlement of Sanral’s debt

January 2023 — 854 views


Another delay in the end of e-tolls is disappointing, yet not surprising

January 2023 — 1512 views


Deputy President Mabuza misrepresents truth in response to OUTA’S criminal complaint

December 2022 — 2621 views


OUTA asks SAPS to investigate Services SETA’s payment of travel claims to contractor Grayson Reed

December 2022 — 2043 views


OUTA refers criminal complaint against Deputy President Mabuza to the NPA

December 2022 — 6745 views


Presidential impeachment process is a necessary test of South Africa’s democratic freedom

December 2022 — 1425 views


Joburg property valuation public participation process starts in February 2023

November 2022 — 1307 views


Block allocations to provinces that continually misspend, says OUTA

November 2022 — 1160 views


OUTA calls for explanation of Sanral and GFIP debt

November 2022 — 997 views


OUTA warns CoJ on property rates hike process

November 2022 — 1552 views


Concourt hears OUTA’s case on AARTO

November 2022 — 1316 views


Confused about the controversial electoral reform process? Read OUTA’s new report

November 2022 — 1276 views


OUTA and other civil society organisations call on NCOP to improve the flawed electoral reform bill

November 2022 — 859 views


The GFIP debt and Gauteng’s portion make no sense: OUTA

November 2022 — 1898 views


The Concourt will hear OUTA’s case against AARTO on 15 November

November 2022 — 1671 views


OUTA delivers parliamentary oversight report to Parliament

October 2022 — 1300 views


Get orange overalls ready for Koko!

October 2022 — 3023 views


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