OUTA files complaints with Information Regulator over public entities’ secrecy

April 2024 — 90 views

GILAB: A little less Big Brother but still too authoritarian

April 2024 — 775 views

Stakeholders collaborate to strengthen parliamentary oversight and accountability

March 2024 — 975 views

Civil society asks Parliament to reject the Electoral Matters Amendment Bill

March 2024 — 806 views

Civil society questions the postponement of public hearings on the SABC Bill

March 2024 — 898 views

Budget 2024: Fire-fighting by a desperate government in the face of an election

February 2024 — 1266 views

Redraft intelligence laws amendments in line with the Constitution

February 2024 — 994 views

SONA So What: OUTA suggests disengaging from SONA 2024

February 2024 — 1436 views

SABC Bill kicks the can down the road

January 2024 — 1292 views

Change to law would give intelligence agencies broad powers of surveillance but do little to safeguard secret funds from looting

December 2023 — 1020 views

OUTA congratulates City of Joburg whistleblower Sarika Lakraj

December 2023 — 1503 views

Departments do not take management of public funds seriously, says OUTA

November 2023 — 1050 views

Laws? What laws? SIU report lays bare SAA’s culture of looting

November 2023 — 2866 views

Where is the Electoral Reform Consultation Panel?

November 2023 — 790 views

OUTA to partner with PMG and OpenUp in Enhancing Accountability Programme

October 2023 — 1532 views

Holding ministers to account is hard work: here are some tools

October 2023 — 1280 views

Rushing bills through Parliament limits legitimacy

October 2023 — 1158 views

New RAF legislation will not stand in the court of public opinion or any other court

October 2023 — 1549 views

Parliamentary committee misled during NSFAS meeting

October 2023 — 1844 views

Parliament is still a failed institution, finds OUTA report

September 2023 — 2400 views


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