Change to law would give intelligence agencies broad powers of surveillance but do little to safeguard secret funds from looting

December 2023 — 206 views


OUTA congratulates City of Joburg whistleblower Sarika Lakraj

December 2023 — 712 views


Departments do not take management of public funds seriously, says OUTA

November 2023 — 589 views


Laws? What laws? SIU report lays bare SAA’s culture of looting

November 2023 — 2154 views


Where is the Electoral Reform Consultation Panel?

November 2023 — 446 views


OUTA to partner with PMG and OpenUp in Enhancing Accountability Programme

October 2023 — 1047 views


Holding ministers to account is hard work: here are some tools

October 2023 — 883 views


Rushing bills through Parliament limits legitimacy

October 2023 — 836 views


New RAF legislation will not stand in the court of public opinion or any other court

October 2023 — 1158 views


Parliamentary committee misled during NSFAS meeting

October 2023 — 1267 views


Parliament is still a failed institution, finds OUTA report

September 2023 — 1893 views


She’s gone, but her legacy is not forgotten

September 2023 — 1294 views


OUTA calls on National Assembly to act swiftly and fire Mkhwebane

August 2023 — 1218 views


Public Service Commission Bill is a step in the right direction

July 2023 — 878 views


Parliament’s failure to implement state capture recommendations undermines democracy

June 2023 — 1106 views


Fund the IEC properly rather than political parties

June 2023 — 1157 views


Stronger law on political party funding needed

May 2023 — 950 views


No integrity, no problem for our MPs

May 2023 — 1980 views


South Africa’s marine and maritime interests at risk if decisive action not taken

May 2023 — 1089 views


Electoral Amendment Act now law, but OUTA still concerned about constitutionality

April 2023 — 1434 views


A prosperous country with an organised, engaged and empowered civil society that ensures responsible use of tax revenues throughout all levels of Government. 

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