OUTA is delighted to introduce the OUTA Moral Courage Recognition Certificate, a recognition for active citizenry and people who are authentic in taking a morally courageous stand on matters that have a substantial impact in the workplace or in society.  OUTA is giving recognition to active citizens for their moral courage and the quest for justice.

Morality is defined as the standards and values by which we differentiate between what is right and wrong, or what is good or bad. Morality is thus synonymous with integrity and the quest for justice. 

Courage is the ability to do something without fear. Courage is therefore the capability to be brave enough to stand by what you believe in, despite the negative consequences.

Moral Courage is defined as the ability to act and do the right thing, despite the fear of adverse consequences and opposition to oneself. Moral courage requires honesty and making a tough decision to display or action of disapproval against those who transgress universal / constitutional values, rules or just societal laws. Moral courage in the case of this program managed by OUTA, incorporates civil courage and whistleblowing. But it goes beyond that and includes speaking truth to power and calling out unethical behaviour or exposing injustices and illegal conduct. Moral courage is often the ingredient that challenges inappropriate and unethical behavior and results in civil action and the quest for accountability.

The certificate is aimed at recognizing the outstanding service and contributions made by courageous people (individuals in business, civil society, government or academia) who have demonstrated extraordinary commitment to stand up for social justice, challenge wrongdoing, took a stand for the right thing; or advocated for others in the face of opposition. 

The Objective of the OUTA’s Moral Courage Recognition Certificate 

To introduce and highlight the concept of moral courage across the country.
To identify and honour persons in government, business and civil society who exemplify moral courage, despite the hardships and threats that exist to close them down.
To acknowledge individual commitment towards speaking out and in doing so, protect the rights of society at large, from the abuse of power. 
To promote the importance of being morally courageous.
To provide information on how to deal with ethical challenges.
To recognize ethical conduct and promote ethical leadership.
To promote understanding of the risks and how to exercise caution in challenging wrongdoing and speaking truth to power.

The Moral Courage Certificate is therefore about affirmation and giving thanks to the recipient, and a reassurance that what they did was right and is appreciated.  We believe that the more we recognize moral courage, the more we can foster a culture of defying and challenging those who abuse their power, and the better our country is able to overcome the challenges we face as a nation.