A massive loss for transparency: Court rules OUTA not entitled to financial information on N3TC toll concession

November 2023 — 1351 views


The end of e-tolls: A broken promise to South African motorists

October 2023 — 1552 views


Government’s failure to end e-tolls formally means collection contract continues

June 2023 — 2905 views


ISI Legal opinion on e-toll debt write-off as unlawful - limited and unfounded

April 2023 — 1421 views


E-toll scheme continues amid misinformation, indecision and poor leadership

April 2023 — 2289 views


Nothing has changed on the e-toll front

February 2023 — 1733 views


OUTA wins court order against Sanral in ongoing quest for toll transparency

February 2023 — 1283 views


More confusion over the scrapping of e-tolls and the settlement of Sanral’s debt

January 2023 — 863 views


Another delay in the end of e-tolls is disappointing, yet not surprising

January 2023 — 1519 views


OUTA calls for explanation of Sanral and GFIP debt

November 2022 — 1005 views


The GFIP debt and Gauteng’s portion make no sense: OUTA

November 2022 — 1904 views


MTBPS 2022 brings the end of e-tolls

October 2022 — 17831 views


Waiting for the e-toll decision, while government allocates another R3.7bn to Gauteng’s e-toll roads

October 2022 — 1336 views


Another promise of a decision on e-tolls

July 2022 — 1880 views


South Africa is road-shedding because provincial and local governments don’t maintain roads, not because of e-tolls

February 2022 — 6981 views


OUTA asks high court to give SANRAL CEO 10 days to hand over court-ordered information on the N4 toll contract or face a jail sentence

January 2022 — 4367 views


OUTA: Decision to scrap e-tolls not final until enacted

November 2021 — 4473 views


Court orders SANRAL to give OUTA the N4 toll road operator’s contract and financial records

November 2021 — 10766 views


Could e-tolls be funding corruption?

September 2021 — 9662 views


E-toll debt is no reason to hold onto a failed scheme

September 2021 — 2717 views


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