OUTA disappointed that fuel levy discount has not been extended

July 2022 — 1684 views

OUTA calls for fuel levy reprieve of R1.50 to be extended for July

June 2022 — 2864 views

Public pressure for fuel levy reprieve extension pays off

June 2022 — 1541 views

Extended relief on fuel levy needed

May 2022 — 2739 views

Fuel levy reduction is a welcome relief

April 2022 — 1998 views

OUTA calls for no increases to fuel levies in 2022

December 2021 — 2764 views

High fuel prices: Levies and weak economic policy are the real issues

November 2021 — 4349 views

Government mismanagement contributes to fuel price increases

April 2019 — 2575 views

Increasing fuel price, increases poverty

October 2018 — 1876 views

OUTA calls for R1 decrease in fuel levy

July 2018 — 1758 views

Stop fuelling around

July 2018 — 1723 views

OUTA calls for R1 less stress

July 2018 — 1712 views

OUTA firmly believes that scrapping e-tolls will immediately bring welcome relief

July 2018 — 1970 views

OUTA says no to provincial fuel levy

March 2018 — 1744 views


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