SABC Bill kicks the can down the road

January 2024 — 1292 views

Forget TV licences or levies and fund SABC directly from the fiscus instead

September 2021 — 2234 views

SABC's survival is crucial for democracy

August 2021 — 2286 views

Your MPs are supposedly off doing "constituency work" that costs R339m – but where are the results?

July 2021 — 3252 views

Opinion - Seize the moment - Ramaphosa must give Cabinet dead wood the axe

July 2021 — 3175 views

Opinion - Dear Mr President, your anguish is shared by all — but South Africa needs decisiveness

July 2021 — 2318 views

Condemn and arrest criminal protestors

July 2021 — 3182 views

Defend Our Democracy

March 2021 — 3150 views

OUTA asks Parliament to get on with electoral reform

October 2020 — 2261 views


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