Electricity Regulation Amendment Bill is a step in the right direction

April 2024 — 661 views

OUTA legal action ends electricity state of disaster

April 2023 — 5368 views

Record shows state of disaster was declared without evidence

March 2023 — 3153 views

State of disaster: The rules that mean there are no rules

February 2023 — 6000 views

OUTA goes to court to overturn the electricity State of Disaster

February 2023 — 3883 views

Another disappointing SONA of empty promises and desperation

February 2023 — 2613 views

Municipalities should light the way in involving communities in energy solutions

February 2023 — 1299 views

Challenging secrecy: OUTA demands full record of Karpowership decision

January 2023 — 5905 views

Judgment on National Nuclear Regulator underlines role of board: nuclear regulation, not nuclear advocacy

January 2023 — 1415 views

It's time for government to generate electricity not confusion

January 2023 — 2865 views

Eskom price increase is a challenge for South Africans and Eskom

January 2023 — 1736 views

OUTA calls on NERSA to limit Eskom’s 2023 increase to CPI

September 2022 — 3396 views

OUTA files legal challenge to overturn NERSA’s Karpowership licences

April 2022 — 5575 views

Ministry struggles to balance electricity proposals with public need for clear, supportable solutions

March 2022 — 1705 views

It’s time to scrap the backward-looking electricity price top-up system

March 2022 — 1803 views

The Eskom problem won’t be helped by higher prices

February 2022 — 3384 views

OUTA calls on NERSA to reject Eskom’s outrageous price increase request

January 2022 — 2144 views

More thoughtful consultation is needed on the new electricity price methodology

November 2021 — 1973 views

We want to see NERSA’s reasons for approving the Karpowership licences

September 2021 — 4890 views

How long does it take to write the 100MW generation notice?

July 2021 — 2032 views


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