Why is Joburg’s mayor paid more than the legal limit?

April 2024 — 1364 views

JoburgCAN submission calls on Joburg to rewrite budget

April 2024 — 983 views

JoburgCAN calls on City of Joburg to extend IDP & budget comment deadline

April 2024 — 433 views

Stakeholders collaborate to strengthen parliamentary oversight and accountability

March 2024 — 1113 views

Civil society asks Parliament to reject the Electoral Matters Amendment Bill

March 2024 — 899 views

IRP 2023: Tear this up, start again and do it properly

March 2024 — 1533 views

Parliament’s secrecy hinders gender commission appointments

September 2022 — 1133 views

OUTA joins 44 organisations calling for improved public participation in Gender Equality Commission appointments

September 2022 — 1098 views

South Africa needs Parliament to listen more to the people

June 2022 — 1307 views

60 days to Concourt's deadline: Public consultation on Electoral Amendment Bill wasn't good enough, civil society tells Parliament

April 2022 — 1605 views

Parliament fails again, putting party ahead of country in electoral reform bill

March 2022 — 1984 views

OUTA calls on NERSA to reject Eskom’s outrageous price increase request

January 2022 — 2144 views

Minister Mbalula clings to unconstitutional and irrational AARTO

January 2022 — 2209 views

Sanity prevails over powerships refusal

June 2021 — 9321 views


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