Rushing bills through Parliament limits legitimacy

October 2023 — 809 views


The only thing that should roll in rolling blackouts, are heads

October 2022 — 1440 views


Better late than never Mr President, but it’s another reason to fire your Energy Minister

July 2022 — 2116 views


Civil society calls for Minister Mantashe to issue determinations to address energy crisis

July 2022 — 1123 views


OUTA concerned about dismissal of NNR board member Peter Becker

February 2022 — 1631 views


National Nuclear Regulator board removes civil society representative before taking key decision on Koeberg extension

January 2022 — 2400 views


More thoughtful consultation is needed on the new electricity price methodology

November 2021 — 1732 views


Karpowerships: No permits, no clarity, no value, no thanks

August 2021 — 3800 views


Sanity prevails over powerships refusal

June 2021 — 9090 views


President overrules Minister Mantashe with much-needed 100 MW limit

June 2021 — 4473 views


Dear NERSA, public consultation takes more than a few days

March 2021 — 2039 views


OUTA tells NERSA: #NoNewNuclear

February 2021 — 1528 views


The Oilgate lessons: state capture is expensive and difficult to undo

November 2020 — 3288 views


Minister Mantashe wants to build nuclear power stations

November 2020 — 2479 views


Consumers lose again in Eskom-NERSA clash

October 2020 — 3693 views


Reclaim SA’s strategic oil reserves

August 2020 — 7121 views


Eskom and SIU summonses for state capture enablers welcomed

August 2020 — 2384 views


Eskom price win doesn't help SA

July 2020 — 2850 views


Enough already, OUTA tells NERSA

February 2020 — 3147 views


A prosperous country with an organised, engaged and empowered civil society that ensures responsible use of tax revenues throughout all levels of Government. 

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