Taxpayers mistrust SARS because of government corruption

November 2023 — 1018 views


Babita Deokaran: Justice requires pursuing the masterminds

August 2023 — 928 views


OUTA calls for speedy investigation into NSFAS CEO Andile Nongogo

August 2023 — 1334 views


OUTA lays corruption complaint against NSFAS CEO

June 2023 — 1953 views


No exemption for Eskom means better oversight

June 2023 — 1064 views


Councils squabble and spend billions, while controls and transparency fail

June 2023 — 1107 views


Irrational government conduct - corruption or ineptitude, nothing else

May 2023 — 1727 views


Will Minister Ramokgopa use his new powers wisely?

May 2023 — 1001 views


OUTA asks Treasury to abandon Eskom exemption

April 2023 — 1257 views


OUTA on Eskom PFMA exemptions: where’s the transparency?

April 2023 — 1729 views


When integrity fails: The networks linked to Eskom contracts

March 2023 — 4754 views


No to the forced shutdown!

March 2023 — 989 views


Minister Mbalula leaves driving licence system in chaos

March 2023 — 1549 views


NSFAS, what are you doing with student funds?

February 2023 — 19225 views


Deputy President Mabuza misrepresents truth in response to OUTA’S criminal complaint

December 2022 — 2621 views


OUTA asks SAPS to investigate Services SETA’s payment of travel claims to contractor Grayson Reed

December 2022 — 2043 views


OUTA refers criminal complaint against Deputy President Mabuza to the NPA

December 2022 — 6745 views


Presidential impeachment process is a necessary test of South Africa’s democratic freedom

December 2022 — 1425 views


Block allocations to provinces that continually misspend, says OUTA

November 2022 — 1160 views


Parliament is still a failed institution, finds OUTA report

October 2022 — 1433 views


A prosperous country with an organised, engaged and empowered civil society that ensures responsible use of tax revenues throughout all levels of Government. 

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