City of Joburg Ombud needs teeth

October 2023 — 819 views


Councils squabble and spend billions, while controls and transparency fail

June 2023 — 1107 views


Don’t overpay on property rates: check before deadline

February 2023 — 1466 views


Joburg property owners, watch out for property rates increase!

February 2023 — 3246 views


Municipalities should light the way in involving communities in energy solutions

February 2023 — 984 views


Joburg property valuation public participation process starts in February 2023

November 2022 — 1307 views


Municipalities need competence and accountability, not a skills swap

July 2022 — 2169 views


Active citizens are needed to help stop the financial rot in municipalities

June 2022 — 1479 views


Absence of consequence management and competence produces municipal decay

July 2021 — 3756 views


OUTA calls on City of Cape Town to be transparent with civil society

June 2021 — 2535 views


Ekurhuleni ignores complaints about evaluation roll and rates errors

June 2021 — 10567 views


Joburg’s third attempt to load prepaid electricity bills with a monthly charge should fail

May 2021 — 5508 views


Municipal Act should leave no room for creative accounting

November 2020 — 1824 views


Asking Zandile Gumede to leave is not enough

August 2020 — 3879 views


Act against Zandile Gumede, don't promote her

August 2020 — 4052 views


A prosperous country with an organised, engaged and empowered civil society that ensures responsible use of tax revenues throughout all levels of Government. 

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