OUTA plans to defend motorists’ e-toll debt as government goes back on its word

February 2024 — 1096 views


Budget 2024: Fire-fighting by a desperate government in the face of an election

February 2024 — 709 views


Redraft intelligence laws amendments in line with the Constitution

February 2024 — 699 views


OUTA won’t retract report on leaked NSFAS recordings implicating Ernest Khosa

February 2024 — 1431 views


SONA So What: OUTA suggests disengaging from SONA 2024

February 2024 — 1006 views


Municipalities start counting the cost as AARTO looms

February 2024 — 1427 views


Environmental Champ of the Year: Civil activist Ferrial Adam

January 2024 — 182 views


Sona… so what? We should all tune out of this presidential charade

January 2024 — 795 views


NSFAS should suspend pilot project on student accommodation before it turns into a crisis

January 2024 — 10673 views


SABC Bill kicks the can down the road

January 2024 — 953 views


State capture costs software giant SAP nearly R3bn in South Africa

January 2024 — 1114 views


Read our report again, Minister Nzimande

January 2024 — 2066 views


Minister Nzimande and NSFAS chairperson should resign

January 2024 — 40256 views


Recent nuclear procurement and PetroSA/Gazprombank announcements signals government desperation

December 2023 — 2039 views


OUTA exposes dubious tender worth R83 million at Gert Sibande TVET College in Mpumalanga

December 2023 — 1427 views


Poor municipal budgeting needs to be punished

December 2023 — 1296 views


Change to law would give intelligence agencies broad powers of surveillance but do little to safeguard secret funds from looting

December 2023 — 854 views


Johannesburg: A city on the Brink of collapse?

December 2023 — 1672 views


NSFAS slow to tackle student accommodation timebomb

December 2023 — 4502 views


OUTA congratulates City of Joburg whistleblower Sarika Lakraj

December 2023 — 1362 views


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