Councils squabble and spend billions, while controls and transparency fail

June 2023 — 1466 views

Don’t overpay on property rates: check before deadline

February 2023 — 1759 views

Municipalities should light the way in involving communities in energy solutions

February 2023 — 1299 views

How will municipalities spend R23bn transfer?

December 2019 — 2363 views

OUTA calls ANC to honour its stand removing elected officials accused of criminal charges

May 2019 — 2998 views

OUTA calls on mayor Zandile Gumede to step down

May 2019 — 2676 views

OPINION PIECE: Communities have the power to hold municipalities accountable

April 2019 — 2085 views

OPINION PIECE: Poor oversight leaves communities in the dark

April 2019 — 3443 views

OUTA welcomes KZN intervention in Msunduzi municipality

April 2019 — 2802 views

No money for service delivery, but cash for breakaways

April 2019 — 3038 views

OPINION PIECE: A good municipal policy does not guarantee compliance

April 2019 — 2417 views

Crucial law on local government hangs in the balance

March 2019 — 3223 views

OUTA receives letter of recognition from City of Cape Town Municipality

December 2018 — 3133 views

OUTA asks SAHRC to investigate Sedibeng Scheme

December 2018 — 2198 views

OUTA considers legal action to stop Govan Mbeki senior official increases

November 2018 — 2261 views

OUTA sets its sights on Cape Town metro as it launches local government branch

November 2018 — 2340 views


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