Laws? What laws? SIU report lays bare SAA’s culture of looting

November 2023 — 1741 views


Zondo report confirms that Dudu Myeni was delinquent and a corrupt, negligent and incompetent SAA chairperson

January 2022 — 4378 views


Government and SAA debacle is collapsing South Africa’s aviation sector

July 2021 — 5809 views


SAA gets 51% private stake, but still government controlled

June 2021 — 4530 views


OUTA makes submission on Special Appropriation Bill on SAA

May 2021 — 2478 views


OUTA to file submission to halt SAA subsidiaries bailouts

May 2021 — 2851 views


SCA judgment opens way for more delinquency actions against SOE directors

April 2021 — 3615 views


Pay SAA staff their dues and close the airline down

February 2021 — 3477 views


Dudu Myeni delinquency order takes effect

February 2021 — 6431 views


OUTA is back in court on Monday against Dudu Myeni

February 2021 — 4630 views


Liquidate SAA without delay

February 2021 — 3904 views


Delinquency order against Dudu Myeni is upheld

December 2020 — 10017 views


McKinsey: Restitution includes information

December 2020 — 2990 views


It’s a bit late but thanks for the R118 292

November 2020 — 8568 views


Dudu Myeni delinquency case back in court

November 2020 — 1928 views


Mid-Term Budget robs the poor to save SAA vanity project

October 2020 — 5656 views


The time to liquidate SAA was yesterday

September 2020 — 3110 views


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