City of Cape Town don’t overpay on property rates: check before deadline

March 2023 — 1668 views

One step closer to accountability

January 2021 — 3198 views

Pollution in Milnerton Lagoon is getting worse

March 2020 — 6901 views

OUTA to hold Mother City accountable for pollution

February 2020 — 6023 views

OPINION PIECE: A good municipal policy does not guarantee compliance

April 2019 — 2377 views

OUTA receives letter of recognition from City of Cape Town Municipality

December 2018 — 3096 views

OUTA sets its sights on Cape Town metro as it launches local government branch

November 2018 — 2286 views

Water Ministry should coordinate water relief not oppose it

February 2018 — 1660 views

OUTA welcomes DA reversal on Cape Town drought levy

January 2018 — 1811 views

OUTA applauds Western Cape toll road judgement

September 2015 — 1685 views

SANRAL’s Western Cape tolling plan is outrageous

March 2015 — 1638 views

OUTA concerned about allegations of SANRAL fraud on N2 Wild Coast toll road

March 2015 — 2010 views

OUTA welcomes Western Cape judgement against SANRAL

August 2014 — 1580 views

OUTA relishes Western Cape court victory

May 2013 — 1666 views


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