Molefe's reappointment at Eskom is a farce and will be challenged

OUTA expresses its concern over the decision to allow Brian Molefe to return as the CEO at Eskom.

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12/05/2017 10:12:31

Molefe's reappointment at Eskom is a farce and will be challenged

As far as we understand, Mr Molefe had resigned as the CEO for the sake of good governance at a time when his leadership was questioned under the cloud of the Public Protector’s “State of Capture” report.

In Brian Molefe’s statement dated 11 November 2016, released by Eskom at the time, Mr Molefe said: “I have, in the interests of good corporate governance, decided to leave my employ at Eskom from 1 January 2017. I do so voluntarily.”

Eskom cannot simply reinstate Mr Molefe. The position needs to be readvertised and a candidate properly appointed.

“The Eskom Board and the Minister of Public Enterprises, Ms Lynne Brown, needs to explain in detail what is going on here and put an end to it,” says Ted Blom, OUTA’s Portfolio Director of Energy. “This is the most senior executive position of this strategic state entity and there have been far too many questions surrounding Mr Molefe’s conduct during his short 18-month tenure as CEO.”

The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA) will write to both the Board Chairperson, Dr Ben Ngubane, and Minister Brown today, seeking absolute clarity on this matter, whereafter it will consider legal options and avenues available.

Furthermore, OUTA recently filed applications to Eskom for documentary evidence pertaining to Mr Molefe’s departure. Eskom's time to respond will lapse within a few days, whereafter OUTA will apply to the court for this information.

“The Eskom Board and Minister Brown must not take the public for fools and need to explain with clarity what is going on here,” adds Blom. “We cannot see any reason why Mr Molefe’s so-called ‘expertise’ is required at Eskom, when in fact, we have sufficient evidence of questionable and dubious contracts entered into under his previous tenure, to the detriment of Eskom and the people of South Africa.”

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