The Oilgate lessons: state capture is expensive and difficult to undo


Reclaim SA’s strategic oil reserves


Enviro taxes must bring real change

July 2019 — 1826 views --> CARBON TAXWATER AND ENVIRONMENT


OUTA calls on Minister to save SA’s oil reserves

June 2019 — 2815 views --> ENERGYOILGATE


IRP 2018: Right move towards a low carbon energy transition

October 2018 — 819 views --> CARBON TAXENERGYESKOMOUTA


France to drop carbon tax plan: Les Echos

November 2016 — 692 views --> CARBON TAXGOVERNMENT POLICY


Carbon Tax: An unnecessary burden to South Africa

June 2016 — 727 views --> CARBON TAXGOVERNMENT POLICY


A prosperous country with an organised, engaged and empowered civil society that ensures responsible use of tax revenues throughout all levels of Government. 

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