OUTA welcomes Emfuleni mayor's resignation

Since raising red flags on Jacob Khawe’s dual roles, OUTA is pleased to hear that he has finally stepped down.

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13/12/2018 06:30:07

OUTA welcomes Emfuleni mayor's resignation

The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA) welcomes the resignation of Executive Mayor of Emfuleni Local Municipality Cllr Jacob Khawe which has been reported by News24. Since writing to the oversight bodies highlighting his contravention of the councillors code of conduct OUTA has been rallying up public support to put pressure on Khawe to step down.

“Khawe held dual roles that of Executive Mayor of Emfuleni and the Provincial Secretary of the ANC, which OUTA questioned in a letter to the Premier and CoGTA,” said Michael Holenstein, OUTA Local manager.

However, OUTA says this is not the end of the matter and calls on Khawe to pay back the salary he drew as Mayor.

OUTA is investigating the tax implications of Khawe receiving two salaries and is calling on residents in Emfuleni to support its bid to hold him to account.

Picture: OUTA

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