OUTA hopes new Transport Minister will change stance on e-tolls

OUTA notes with interest the change of guard in the transport ministery and hopes that Minister Dipuo Peters will bring a change of strategy on the e-toll saga and wishes her every success in this challenging role.

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10/07/2013 11:06:43

OUTA hopes new Transport Minister will change stance on e-tolls

Transport covers the critical elements that drive our economy and the more effective the roads, rail, air and ports authorities are at introducing efficiency into these pillars of economic well-being, the better we are able to control costs, drive productivity and become more competitive in the global business arena. We trust that Minister Peters will have the principles of efficiency and ‘best outcomes for society’ on her agenda, in which case, we also hope to see a possible change of heart and a new strategy in relation to the e-tolls matter.

The Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance (OUTA) believes it is not too late to halt the current e-toll plans for Gauteng and thereby seek a solution to the challenges of road funding which will be in the best interests of citizens, business and the country as a whole. The current e-toll plan does not have the required support of society for it to succeed. To simply forge ahead will do more harm than good and OUTA would welcome constructive engagement in this regard from the Minister.

We note that Minister Martins held the reigns of the Transport portfolio for a brief year, which is certainly not long enough for any person to come to grips with a portfolio of such magnitude and challenges. We wish Minister Martins every success in his new role and trust that Minister Peters will be allowed enough time in this post to overcome the many challenges within, which require strong leadership and time to engage with the numerous role players and industries that will work alongside her in building and supporting the Ministry of Transport.

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