OUTA moves forward with Transnet submission

May 2019 — 977 views --> TRANSNETTRANSPORT

Mpumalanga municipalities can't pay water bills but their bosses get backdated increases

January 2019 — 529 views --> GOVAN MBEKIVICTOR KHANYEWATER

Where is the revised IRP?

June 2018 — 152 views --> ENERGYESKOMIRP

Hooray, state action at last on Eskom and Transnet

April 2018 — 148 views --> ESKOMGENERAL NEWSTRANSNET

OUTA to fight for rational energy plan

November 2016 — 105 views --> ENERGYIRPNUCLEAR

OUTA demands Government halt nuclear energy program until IRP process complete

November 2016 — 101 views --> IRPNUCLEARTRANSPORT

No nuclear until wide consultation on IRP

October 2016 — 97 views --> ENERGYIRPNUCLEAR


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