The Gupta Empire is falling

February 2018 — 250 views --> GUPTASTATE CAPTURE

Matshela Koko’s resignation is breath of fresh air at Eskom

February 2018 — 180 views --> ESKOMGENERAL NEWSSTATE CAPTURE

Hawks' raid welcome and long overdue

February 2018 — 127 views --> STATE CAPTURE

Time to rebuild now that Zuma's gone

February 2018 — 143 views --> GENERAL NEWSSTATE CAPTURE

Don't let Bank of Baroda move Gupta money offshore

February 2018 — 123 views --> GENERAL NEWSSTATE CAPTURE

Zuma’s recall must be implemented

February 2018 — 129 views --> GENERAL NEWSSTATE CAPTURE

OUTA offers services and resources to Hawks and new Eskom Board to fight State Capture

February 2018 — 122 views --> STATE CAPTURE

OUTA supports FutureSA call for Zuma’s recall

February 2018 — 132 views --> STATE CAPTURE


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