Zuma's incarceration strengthens accountability

Sanity prevails as South Africa retains the supremacy of the Constitution

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08/07/2021 07:40:55

Zuma's incarceration strengthens accountability 

OUTA notes the arrest of Jacob Zuma, who spent his first night in jail late last night.

We are relieved that the former President finally cooperated in his arrest, avoiding a showdown with police and possible bloodshed. We are encouraged that the SAPS managed this process in what appears to have been a large operation which kept crowds out of Nkandla and limited direct conflict.

OUTA believes this development sends a strong message to those who treat the courts with contempt, that a line has been drawn. Our democracy is more important than anybody who disrespects the law, no matter how powerful or popular they may be.

“This morning South Africans can relax and be a little more proud of their country. Aside from the populism, the pushing and the prodding, sanity has prevailed and the country was spared the embarrassment of a showdown. We can move on with holding more corruption perpetrators to account. Today is a good day for South Africa,” says Wayne Duvenage, OUTA CEO.

Picture: Flickr/Xevi V