Wayne Duvenage committed to OUTA’s cause

Having indicated his resignation as CE at Avis as of 31 July 2012, Wayne Duvenage says “whilst I will be working on new business opportunities, these will take a few months to materialise and in the meantime, I remain committed with an even heightened focus on the OUTA case.”

19/06/2012 10:37:57

Wayne Duvenage committed to OUTA’s cause

In answer to the question whether his involvement with the Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance (OUTA) and the e-tolling case has had anything to do his decision to resign from Avis, Duvenage’s response is short and clear “absolutely not”. He goes on to say that “the Avis senior management and executive team has been extremely supportive of the role I have played in the e-tolling matter and in no way was this a factor in my decision to resign. The decision to move on was my choice alone and my relationship with the Avis team remains extremely positive and strong”

Duvenage says he will remain as Chairperson of OUTA and aims to see this case through to the end. “We are at an important stage in our case to halt e-tolling” says Duvenage. “Of late there has been a lot of ‘consultative’ positioning on Government’s behalf. The reality is that nothing has changed, figures being bandied about are changing all the time and their ‘user pays’ principal being espoused is very flawed. We remain adamant that e-tolling is a most irrational decision and must be stopped.”

OUTA is a proudly South African civil action organisation, that is purely crowd funded. Our work is supported by ordinary citizens who are passionate about holding government accountable and ensuring our taxes are used to the benefit of all South Africans.