Public e-toll opposition drives reshuffle at transport department

The departure of the two top ministers from any national department sends a loud and clear message to the people.

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13/06/2012 10:37:57

Public e-toll opposition drives reshuffle at transport department

This can be no less true in the case of Minister S’bu Ndebele and his deputy Jeremy Cronin, who were moved out of their respective roles in the important Department of Transport.

“We have no doubt that the interdicted e-toll matter was a catalyst to these moves” says Wayne Duvenage, Chairperson of the Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance (OUTA).  “There were times however, when we felt that both ministers were making the right noises and raising concerns about the choice of e-tolling as the best mechanism to charge its citizens for road upgrades, which were very encouraging to our call for sanity to prevail on the e-toll saga.”

OUTA welcomes the new Minister of Transport, Ben Martins and his deputy, Sindisiwe Chikunga’s to their new roles and trust that they will quickly get up to speed with the issues and challenges relating the e-tolling matter. It is important that they approach the e-toll challenge with an open mind and be prepared to question the current e-toll  Government policy in order to resolve the bigger national challenges of road infrastructure, integrated public transport and road safety.

We look forward to meeting with Mr Martins in due course and trust that jointly, we will find a solution to the current e-toll impasse that has developed to date.

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