CoJ extends objection deadline on property rates from 31 March to 5 May

OUTA encourages property owners to use the opportunity to inspect the new property valuations

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27/03/2023 13:25:08

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CoJ extends objection deadline on property rates from 31 March to 5 May

Property owners don’t wait until it’s too late to inspect the new property valuation roll as the valuations affect the rates. The City of Johannesburg (COJ) has extended the inspection and objection period for its General Valuation Roll (GVR) 2023 to 5 May 2023 due to customers not receiving their section 49 notices. Waiting until the last minute could cost you dearly.

“OUTA, through its local CAN initiative, has been actively involved in educating residents about the property valuation process and the importance of public participation in ensuring fair property rates. We have been vocal about the need for transparency and accountability in the valuation process, and we welcome the COJ’s extension of the inspection and objection period,” says Julius Kleynhans, OUTA Executive Head of Social Innovation. “We have simplified the process for property owners to inspect their property value and object if needed on the OUTA website.”

“OUTA encourages all property owners to take advantage of this extended period to inspect their property valuations so that they can object to any unfair increases. We are committed to empowering residents with the knowledge and tools they need to participate fully in the property valuation process and hold the COJ accountable for fair and transparent property rates.

“In addition to providing information and resources for residents to navigate the objection process, OUTA will continue to advocate for public participation in all aspects of local government decision-making. We believe that informed and engaged residents are essential for ensuring good governance and fair treatment for all.”

If Johannesburg property owners don’t object to the new valuations, the rates will be recalculated based on the revised municipal valuation from July 2023 for the next five years.  Some owners have already objected to excessive increases and property owners are advised to take this opportunity of an extended deadline for objections.  Should owners feel the new valuations are excessive, and they can back this up, they should object. 

Find your property on the valuation roll and compare the new value with the current valuation on your latest City of Joburg invoice. 

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A soundclip with comment by Julius Kleynhans is here. (Afrikaans) 

A soundclip with comment by Julius Kleynhans is here. (English)