Stop fuelling around

OUTA calls on Government to "Stop fuelling around!"

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27/07/2018 09:10:30

Stop fuelling around

On Tuesday 31 July, the Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA) together with other civil action groups under the Freedom Movement banner will protest against the ever increasing fuel levy.

We will hand over a memorandum to the minster of Treasury, calling for a reduction of R1 in the general fuel levy and an independent inquiry into the Road Accident Fund (RAF).

While government shifts the blame, suggesting our high fuel prices are due only to external factors like the oil price and the rand/dollar exchange, OUTA has shown that our fuel price can be significant reduced by adjusting the general fuel levy .

This is within government’s control and simply requires their will to make this possible.

Our memorandum also calls for an investigation of the RAF which receives a portion (R1.93) paid to the fuel levy and R 3.37 goes to the fiscus.

The RAF has been marred with fruitless and wasteful expenditure and an independent investigation will ensure that these funds will no longer go to waste.

South Africans are overburdened with too much tax, we pay for the tax on fuel, we pay for Value Added Tax (VAT) and another tax when we pass through a toll.

Join the march for R1 Less Stress

Date: Tuesday 31 July
Time: 10:00
Venue: Assemble at Church Square in Pretoria Central.


If you cannot join the protest on Tuesday, but would like to lend your voice, here are a few suggestions on how you can show your support:

  1. Join the conversation on your preferred social media platform

  2. Call into your favourite radio stations open lines and talk about the protest or high price of fuel

  3. Print one of these placards and stage a demonstration at your office (share photos and videos of your demonstration with us on Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram)

Click on the links below to download the posters:



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