E-tolls: Going, going... but not quite gone

What's the latest developments on e-tolls?

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27/03/2019 13:31:12

E-tolls: Going, going... but not quite gone

The decision by SANRAL to suspend the process of pursuing e-toll debt is a strong signal that the end is near for the irrational Gauteng e-tolls.

"However, we remain cautiously optimistic in that they have only suspended the process of challenging people legally when it comes to the outstanding debt," says Wayne Duvenage, OUTA’s CEO. "We'd like to know what this means for the future of e-tolls."

The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA) is waiting for more clarity from SANRAL and Government on how the e-toll debt will be resolved. There are far more efficient ways to finance road construction and the e-toll system was the worst option selected. 

“OUTA will challenge this matter until the decision to declare the Gauteng freeways tolled roads is rescinded, and until SANRAL formally withdraws the court case and all summonses against e-toll defaulters,”says Duvenage.

“We must remain vigilant and treat this suspension as a temporary situation, as the e-toll debt collection could possibly be relaunched again in future, such as after the election," says Duvenage.

While there is lots to be positive about, we can't yet pop the champagne corks.

While SANRAL indicates it has suspended debt collection for e-tolls, OUTA urges e-toll defaulters not to ignore any summonses from SANRAL. For more information on summonses, see our summons page


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