Research & Information Specialist

Job title: Research & Information Specialist

Reports to Executive Director – Policy Division

Position Type: Full time

The successful candidate will be responsible for research associated with supporting the goals of the Organisation. They will need to utilise multiple streams of data, such as the internet, research databases, various documents, surveys and other published research to find and collate information for report purposes. The researcher will expedite all research related queries and projects and disseminate relevant analytics and insights to the head of the department, the various teams and management on a regular basis or according to deadlines.

Attributes and abilities

Sample design

Data collection brief

Report writing and presentations

Excellent communication ability, both written and oral

Strong analytical and research capabilities

Good characterization and investigative skill

Preferably able to analyse both quantitative and qualitative data

Organised and strategic thinker

Lateral and logical thinker

Goal orientated

Independent and works to deadlines

Adopts a proactive approach

Ability to work under pressure and independently 

Ability to collaborate and coordinate with various organisations, stakeholders etc.

Duties and responsibilities

This person should have good interpersonal and time management skills, strong intellect and problem-solving capabilities and have good functional and technical understanding of the research process and methodologies.

The Research & Information Specialist must:

Provide input into various, concurrent large-scale research projects and present at a high level using both verbal and technological means

Maintain a high level of academic integrity in research and be responsible for quality of own deliverables, double checking against all possible checks, before passing on,         avoiding plagiarism

Liaise and engage with various role players maintaining absolute confidentiality at all times.

Assist in planning of research in terms of objectives, research design, modelling and analytics, solutions and methodologies

Identify critical issues in assigned fields of focus and develop expertise in these areas

Analysing and interpreting tables, transcripts and outputs in line with project objectives

Compilation of data and evidence gathered into comprehensive and concise reports.

Factual report writing, ensuring integrity and relevance

Prepare, maintain, summarise and update research databases and outputs

Perform a wide variety of research field work preparation tasks, including making detailed observations, assistance in data analysis, excellent information retrieval skills         for collection of supporting literature from a range of sources.

Required Experience

Minimum 4 years’ experience in research project design and management

Project briefing and timing

Analytical and research capabilities with professional skills in scientific writing and citing of work

Strong information organisational skills, with attention to detail

An eye for detail with the ability to detect or analyse documentation for possible areas of risk of maladministration and corruption


Masters’ Qualification in a related field, with a strong research component

Proficient in various information management tools and technologies

Effective time and project management skills

Job Location

Main Office: Randburg, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Kindly submit your resume to Only those candidates deemed most qualified by the hiring manager will be contacted to interview within 21 days of submission. Should you not receive feedback within 14 days of our acknowledgement of receipt of your CV, please accept that your application will not have met with our approval to go through to the next round of the interview process.

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