Community Engagement Coordinator: Western Cape

If you are an energised, self-starter and a highly motivated individual who enjoys taking on complex projects with a civil action and activist mind-set, then being a part of the team at OUTA may be for you.

Job title:  Community Engagement Coordinator: Western Cape

Reports to Provincial Manager: Western Cape

Position Type:  Full time

The holder of this position will be responsible for collaborating with branch supporters to develop, coordinate, and implement an exciting fundraising and advocacy campaign for OUTA Local.

Tributes and Capabilities

  • Exceptional organizational skills

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Excellent communication ability, both written and oral

  • Detail orientated

  • Proficiency in multiple languages

  • Calm under pressure

  • Tactful, diplomatic and careful in responses with a personable and friendly nature

  • Ability to be a team player but also able to work independently

  • A commitment to upholding the vision of OUTA Local and a passion for making a difference.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Provide input on community insights to management, when required

  • Engage with communities to increase brand awareness for fund raising and educational purposes

  • Work “on the ground” to increase the visibility and the influence of the OUTA Local brand

  • Regularly engage with communities with the aims to increase the supporter base of OUTA Local

  • Mobilise communities to participate in marches and demonstrations within OUTA’s mandate, as and when instructed

  • Assist with organising capacity building workshops and training for communities

  • Respond appropriately to comments and queries

  • Regularly engage with stakeholders and community members

  • Communicate events formulated by branches

  • Act as the liaison between the community members and stakeholders and the OUTA management

  • Engage in debates and conversations in a transparent, credible and informed manner.

  • Ensure the credibility of the organisation is maintained through accurate, transparent, non-racist, non-sexist, apolitical and non-religious communication.

  • Pre-emptively identify potential risks related to scope of work and communicate them to the direct line manager.

  • Effectively communicate the vision, values and mission of the organization and the department.

Required Experience

  • Local Government Experience beneficial

  • Experience in campaign coordinator ideal but not essential

  • Knowledge of local government legislation beneficial

  • Proficient in various software packages

  • Driver’s License

Job Location

Main Office: Western Cape, South Africa.

Kindly submit your resume to Only those candidates deemed most qualified by the hiring manager will be contacted to interview within 21 days of submission. Should you not receive feedback within 14 days of our acknowledgement of receipt of your CV, please accept that your application will not have met with our approval to go through to the next round of the interview process.

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