Dear OUTA Community

OUTA as of 18 March, has taken precautions to implement stringent measures to promote social distancing by converting to full ‘work from home’ processes and platforms, along with other measures to help reduce the contagion of Covid-19. 

This move will not impede our work in any way, including the answering and redirecting of calls to our office line (0871700639) and switchboard, which is being manned remotely. Furthermore, please channel enquiries through our internet presence (info@outa.co.za), which will be attended to as per normal. In essence, nothing changes from a work output point of view.

To all our supporters, please know that your contributions remain extremely valuable to us, as the fight against maladministration and corruption does not change during these difficult times. Please also note that some of our efforts during these trying times may be directed toward humanitarian matters as we expand our boundary in response to a collective call for assistance in reducing Covid-19.

We ask that as a nation, we work harder together, remain calm and do our bit to flatten the contagion curve.

Yours sincerely

Wayne Duvenage

To view South Africa's official Corona website click here

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